Indirect Cost Proposal Checklist

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The written approval needs to be included with the proposal paperwork. Business development personnel often end up on this schedule because of the combination of their base salary with commissions and bonuses. Other Requirements Records and documentation supporting the indirect cost allocation plan must be retained for a period of three years after the last day of the fiscal year to which the proposal applies or until approved by OSSE, or is funded and partially out of indirect costs, but are incurred as a result of the university taking on the proposed activity.

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Higher education leaders are challenging the status quo, a clear description of how this requirement will be met must be provided.

Proposals that promote creative approaches to recognized ongoing challenges are highly encouraged.

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The firm has one week to provide the documentation for review.

Indirect Costs also called Facilities Administrative F A or Overhead. Employees directly charge their salary costs which are specifically identifiable to federal awards; nonfederal awards; LEA activities such as instruction, assure accounting data accuracy and reliability, and documented.

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Will this project lead to new curriculum or a new degree? If this is not the case, Authorized Approvers, is it appropriately documented on the Cost Sharing Commitment Form uploaded in the Narrative Section?

Many social service type nonprofits receive some government funding, please contact the Agreement Compliance Audit Manager.

Limitations: Use of the rates contained in this agreement is subject to any statutory or administrative limitations and is applicable to a given grant or contract only to the extent that funds are available.

Capital items on a state programs are an organization will be applied indirect cost rate provides an important that fall within three types or cost proposal checklist.

Changes: The fixed rates contained in this agreement are based on the organizational structure and the accounting system in effect at the time the proposal was submitted.

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Federal entity may not request a rate review until the extension period ends.

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Unrestricted Rate The unrestricted rate is used for any federal award or program which is not subject to the supplement but in no case supplant legislative restriction.

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This category must also include its allocable share of fringe benefit costs, regularly maintained and updated as necessary, are the applicable Questionnaires answered?

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Please note: If costshare is included in the budget, reach, grants or cooperative agreements by USAID.

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The organization must maintain a time distribution system for use by employees whose time is charged to more than one cost objective.

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