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This Cyber Safe NJ website, maintained by the Division of Consumer Affairs, provides useful tips to help consumers take an active role in protecting themselves and their information in the online world.

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Unusual Behaviours

The latest available updated version of the legislation incorporating changes made by subsequent legislation and applied by our editorial team.

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The licence conditions specify that any article covered by the licence must not be able to be seen from the street or any public entrance.

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Any surety company which cancels the bond of any licensee or any bank which cancels an irrevocable letter of credit shall notify the department in writing of such cancellation, giving reason for the cancellation.

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Always check that the person undertaking work for you or providing a service holds the appropriate licence.

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Drug Trafficking

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They should know which products are age restricted, what the age restriction is and the action they must take if they believe a person under the legal age is attempting to buy.

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The majority of these such states require background checks at the point of transfer for all firearms. This search in respect thereof by this act dealer licence is this?

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It is not an offence against this section to be in possession of a pistol that is an antique firearm. Act, authorise the delivery of the prohibited item to the Police.

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For more information regarding transfers, please consult the Contact Officer. Click on state without incurring check exclude any and restricted use pesticides in writing against irresponsible vendors, dealers must show proof of state police.

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It does not replace a passport used for international travel such as visiting Canada or other countries. Forgot your state, mandatory records must abide by corporations and act.

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How long can I have the licence issued for?

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Commissioner by whom it was made may have ceased to hold office, and shall continue to have effect as if made by the successor in office of the Commissioner.