Uh Manoa Counseling And Guidance

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  • The crown jewel is UH Manoa, located in Honolulu.
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UH Manoa works with the other University of Hawaii campuses to provide educational resources for students who cannot always make it to a physical classroom.

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Check out our guide to CACREP-accredited programs to learn about our ranking methodology.

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You need to schedule an appointment or approachthe professor during posted office hours.

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Overall the University of Hawaii at Manoa is such a great school to be at.

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One thing about the University of Hawaii is that a lot of the campus is from Hawaii already.

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Other specializations may see if you have a pickup game day. This discovery stage leads to rich experiences where students can learn from those around them and, in most cases, benefit.

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The rating grid offers responses of topunable to judge. Other students are working professionals who also have to juggle family responsibilities, whether elder care or child care.

You can still file a request but no one will be notified. How advising works The College of Natural Sciences has a variety of degree programs each with its own set of advisors Major Advisors assist with major.

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You will not regret coming to UH. What about a used section at the bookstore?

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When attending this college its important to keep in mind that you are here for school, make sure you complete your homework before going to the beach!

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In the end, Lum chose UH Mānoa for a number of reasons, including saving money in case she wants to attend a Mainland university for grad school.

We facilitate the acquisition of skills, awareness and knowledge that students use to meet and integrate the demands of their academic, personal and social pursuits.

Time, money and stress.

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To this end, the Center works as a team of professionals using a variety of approaches, styles, methods, and programs designed to empower students to accomplish their developmental tasks in a positive learning environment.

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