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  • It acts as an addendum to the Last Will and Testament.
  • It is subject to the same formal requirements as a will.
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The other major disadvantage is that if a codicil is done, consideration may not have been given to whether the Will is still appropriate to your current circumstances.

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Should we draft a codicil to a Will that we did not originally draft, the act of making that codicil would mean that we would be accepting liability for the whole Will and not just the codicil.

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However if you do so, your property, possessions and cash are distributed after your death in the way that you want rather than according to the law.


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You may use a codicil to revive a will that has previously been partly revoked and then fully revoked.
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These documents are similar in style to that of a will, but they tend to be aimed at amending the will to reflect the wishes of the testator.

To writing a codicil uk? If codicils are unclear, they could invalidate the entire will. It is not legal advice nor should it be relied upon as such. You preview your experience of professional advice from your current situation arises following your rights.

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If the testator was known to have been of unsound mind at any point while the will was in his possession there is no presumption that the mutilation was carried out while the testator was of sound mind.

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