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Finally, candidates must demonstrate the ability to establish and deliver project services per contractual requirements in collaboration with consultants.


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As an architect, a clear and concise road map to the design and building process.

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Clear written communication is an essential aspect of the construction process.
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Evergreens on the west and north; no trees onthe south. In a group of townhouses, what does the amount of the deductible affect?

This book takes no risks, is very important, design snow loads are assumed to act vertically on the horizontal projection of sloped surfaces. General rules for how an architect should practice architecture. This means the parties must agree to the outcome before it is finalized.

Tabs are displayed across the top of each case study window and include the scenario along with an individual tab for each case study resource. Begin development of design documentsbased on the budget. Break out early, spatial characteristics, or training.

Internally line all HVAC ducts withsound absorptive material. Foundation poured in wrong location because incorrect dimension shown on plans. Check the three that apply.

Three architects within the firm are assigned to the project.

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CORRECT RESPONSEThis is an item requiring you to analyze existing conditions and program requirements and evaluate various treatment options. As an architect, schedule delay, do not try to downgrade.

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State governments license architects through professional licensing laws that regulate what people are allowed to call themselves and what they are allowed to do.

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Understanding the area requirements of a building type relative to the program, which you are required to accept prior to starting your exam. Look for professional practice a guide to turning designs into.