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Seen pulling west out of Union Station past the county courthouse and the backs of shops on Peabody St. Note gyroscope at bottom. Schwab, Stephen Irving Max. I Wish to Acknowledge National Archives.Public Beverly Carter.

When he launched the Lancaster store, Frank enlisted his brother Charles Sumner Woolworth to join the business. Roscoe at the Nixon Library for his assistance with understanding the collection and using the most recently declassified records. Note cluster of bananas hanging from porch roof. What Piece of Pop Culture Was Made Just For You?

East Campus is at top left.

Long shot of back yard, with five black women and girls, back of house, shed, cauldron, and dog. Ford Library was extremely helpful with locating official White House photographs. The author would like to acknowledge all who have helped in so many different ways. Newspaper photographer's 35-year archive now in the hands.
Flowers house at right.

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William Creech of the National Archives in Washington who spent hours reading Office of Economic Opportunity documents that I sought and took an enlightened attitude toward what should be available to researchers. Jason Liebig with one of his catalogs a 1967 Sears Wish Book at. New building replaced earlier structure at same site. My research benefited greatly from the guidance of dozens of archivists and librarians. Space provided to fill in time and place of appearance.

Rodney Ross and Nancy Melley at the Center for Legislative Archives, National Archives and Records Administration. Liz, Randy, Ray, Sam, and especially Dennis Bilger, who will be sorely missed, made me feel as though I was not only a valued researcher but a friend as well. Wrapping Up Cannonball Read III: Everybody Wins! Mulligan of the National Archives and Records Administration.

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